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Generation of Immunological Reagents 100%
Preclinical Evaluations 90%
Validated Test Protocols 80%
GLP Compliant Toxicology Report - in progress 0%
Delivery to Regulatory Authority and Ethical Review of Protocol - in progress 0%
Sufficient Vaccine Grade Material Ready to Use 100%
Initiate Recruitment of First Volunteer Group - in progress 0%
Initiate Recruitment of Second Volunteer Group 0%
Report on Full Immune Responses and Immunological Memory 0%
End of Study Report 0%

Partners Present Across the Globe

Today two of our partners are presenting our CDVAX project to various audiences. Professor Simon Cutting from Royal Holloway is presenting at the Raising C Diff Awareness symposia in North Carolina, USA. Dr Jonathan Kearsey from Leads to Development is presenting at BIO Europe in Vienna Austria. Read more

October 2nd 2013

Our preclinical evaluations are now underway and we continue to make progress on our immunological reagents. It has now been three months since our first kick off meeting. All partners are working hard and we are on track to achieve our milestones. Professor Cutting from RHUL has been invited to present CDVAX at the C Diff Foundation Conference "Raising C Diff Awareness" in November this year:   Read more

August 29th 2013

Our partners have been very busy in the laboratories. They are continuing to work very hard on producing immunological reagents, are continuing to produce lots of spores and we are looking forward to starting some of the preclinical evaluations in the near future. This is a very labour intensive time, and it is great to see it progressing efficiently and on time. Read more

July 19th 2013

The CDVAX partners have had their kick off meeting and are now busy working on their first set of deliverables to achieve the various milestones for this project. Our team members are working in the laboratories to grow spores and generate immunological reagents. We are at an important time for project planning at the moment, so that everything can run smoothly over the next three years. Over the next month we have a few visits between partners to transfer our knowledge and skill ... Read more
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